My friend Jeremy recently posed a question – how do you refer generally to all of the genres presently described as EDM without resorting to that loathsome term? My answer: TECHNO can be used to describe nearly any music employing machines or even non-mechanical music that emulates them.


The Sounds Of Earth presents a meditation on this insight. A HYPERSURFACE is a mathematical construct used to describe a surface in a different number of dimensions. This compilation draws on that concept to illustrate the multi-dimentionality of techno.


Complete track listing after the jump. Click the hash tag to play or download..






hy·per·sur·face [hahy-per-sur-fis] – noun | a mathematical object that generalizes the concept of surface from three-dimensional Euclidean space to hyperspace.




Le Fleur – Datura

Future Sound of London – A Study of Six Guitars

Morkia – Time Axis Manipulation

Brian Eno & David Byrne – The Carrier

Hawke – Lovebug

Plastikman – Akoustik (F.K. Remix)

Friedman & Liebezeit – Secret Rhythms (Shackleton Remix)

010 aka Aybee – Refuge ft. Malena Perez

Actress – IWAAD

Shackleton – Fireworks

Autechre – Chatter

Friedman & Liebezeit – 7

Polygon Window – My Teapot

Andy Stott – Love Nothing

Shed – RQ-170

Future Sound Of London – Tired #1

Gatekeeper – Tomb

Plastikman – I Don’t Know (Psyche’s Haunted Whisper Remix)


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